Why Do We Love Cats So Much

Just exactly what is it about cats that we love so much? We spend hours watching cat videos, reading cat blogs, laughing at funny cat memes and videos  and talking to other cat lovers about our kitties.

Is because they can be funny, aloof, cuddly, crazy or even demanding that we adore them?

why we love cats


I asked many of my cat owner friends why they love their felines so much and their answers were varied.

Cats are Comfortable Being Alone

Unlike dogs, cats don’t mind being left alone during the day. (Although most people have more than one cat so they are company for each other.) And just like dogs, these cats are delighted to see their slaves return from working hard at the coalface, and reward their slaves with meows, body rubs and lots of purring.

Cats are Chatty

They talk to us! Cats reserve those cute little meows and chat only for us humans. Many cat people have learned to speak cat and understand exactly what their little feline is saying.

Pest Control and Entertainment Package In One

They keep pests under control. No, I’m not talking about your nosy neighbor, but mice, cockroaches and sky raisins. (aka flies for the uninitiated) In summer the sky raisins here can rival B52 bombers in size and watching our kitten Cleo chase one gives us endless entertainment. Of course, she always catches them and eats them. (Ooh, extra protein!)

Low Maintenance

They don’t need to be constantly entertained. They don’t need to be walked, bathed, and let out to do their business. (We are strictly indoor cat slaves. I like knowing my precious charges are safe and sound inside. )

Easy to transport

If you have to travel, cats are easy to take in a small carrier. They can even be trained to walk in a harness so you can take them on car trips and even explore the great outdoors together.

Convenient Small Packaging

Kitties are perfect pets for small spaces. Cats can live in small apartments and huge mansions. The only difference is how many cuddly cats you can have. The bigger the space, the more cats!

Good for Our Health

Petting a cat is good for our health. The rhythmic purring actually slows our heart rate and is similar to meditation.

We Feel Special

There is nothing quite like that feeling when a cat chooses to love us. Head bumps, purring and tiny paws batting softly at you asking for affection do wonders for our self-esteem.

My Cats

I could never have only one cat. I grew up with two cats, who were half-brothers. They were born a litter apart from the same queen but they had different dads.

I have been owned by many cats over the years, and I currently share my home with two little mini panthers.

Our oldest, Cuzzy, is nearly 12 years old and he’s a very laid back, cool cat. Nothing much fazes him, even when his baby sister tries to rough house with him. He loves to spend his time stretched out on my desk while I work, or else sleeping on a pillow on our bed.

Our baby is Cleo, and she is currently 10 months old. Cleo is a wild child who has a serious crush on my husband. When she hears his car arrive home she gets so excited and races to the front door, meowing in anticipation. She loves to talk, and has a tiny little breathy squeak. (Think Marilyn Monroe!)

So hooray for cats! Our lives are so much more enriched simply by having them in our world.

Do you have a special cat in your life? Maybe you have several.  Please let me know why you love cats so much!


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